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Saturday, May 1, 2010
Museum visit & gyu-kaku
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Friday; 30april2010

starting to feel the summer atmosphere
sunshine&lots of walking
enjoyful, is the only word i wanna say

after talking abt how bad i wanna try out Lady M crepes since last year
i finally make it!
next time, i wanna sit in the cake boutique and enjoy w a cup of tea ^^

Oh well
sitting in central park
ass on the green grass
enjoying the tasty crepe
such a lovely afternoon that makes me smile :)

natural history museum really cooler than met
so much fun looking at those bones, blah blah..

next time, we will walk the rest of the floor okay?
finally gyu-kaku for dinner!

a promise that actually need to be fulfill last semester
postpone till now

well it is okay
cuz the best save to the last right?

wow that gyu-kaku salad was soooo good
i even like it more than ceasar salad lol

Geisha course for 2 person = $70

we actually spend 3hr eating this meal
the longest meal i ever have haha

the signature gyu-kaku dessert $4

thanks to this Mr.Astroboy for this lovely dinner :D

thanks you, sincerely.

for remember the promise
and willing to spend such waste of money on just a dinner for me