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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Monday, May 31, 2010
memorial weekend
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Sunday; 20may2010

sometimes, i wish my family can have such family gathering too.
it is been a long time i haven't hangout w my own family like today
it is so family fun

thanks for inviting me over :')

hey there cutie twins katie&kellie :D
so adorable right?
especially when they speak ^^

the house was so pretty so garden so green so lovely

long island city actually is beautiful,
with all these cute townhouse with so many different flowers decorated around it.

something been in my mind all night long
&i couldn't help but keep thinking about it.

when you're a teenager,young and naive;
a relationship is all about two people
when you're an adult, old and mature;
mostly, it is about reality.
a relationship is no longer belong to only 2 people that fall in love,
it is about 2 families.

love is not as pure if it involve with others' emotion or issues.

now, family issue stress me out.

the thought of giving up come up again.
i know i promise u i cant do that.

but, it is been a pressure to me.
i know it been very hard for you lately too.
i know u been trying all your best to give everything to me.

trust me,
i really wanna try my hardest to give u my heart too.

but if it don't happen yet, perhaps it is not the right time yet.