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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
i ♥ u guys
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tuesday; 27may2010

how lucky i am to have u guys :)
yes, very lucky.

tonight, so much feelings.

heart the love
feel the warmness

i never know tonight's is for me

super big thanks x 100000000s
for my lovely great friends that have done everything for me
&yessss i will cry in the night knowing that i need to leave u all soon

my closest friends.
although i dont ate that much that night
but i am just very happy to be around u guys =)

used to hang around 's gang ^^

hey you kevin ng and william ye
long time no see =)

&thanks alot for keep asking me trying to come to my graduation ceremony

nomatter how many times i say no
i say that the ceremony will be super boring and very early in the morning
but you guys still insist to come

he say, because it is not about them, it is about me.

awww ♥

everyone squeeze in kris' room and chit-chatting
such fun and laughs all around the room

i love it when u guys bring me this blueberry cheesecake
& shout out loud together screaming "Congratulationss!"

&yanyan cried =(

please dont be.
cuz i really am super sad and miss u all super alots while i am gone =(

the ultimate group shot!

actually, how many people are there last night?

i love my friends.

you guys are the greatest gifts god ever give me.

thanks for everything, and i appreciate every single one of you.