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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010
homemade strawberry choco dip
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Sunday; 02may2010

walking around union square
did some shopping
spend lots of money
feeling good cuz i bought the slipper and very cute dresses :D

i think i do obsessed with Starbucks lately, since winter
all begin with the gift card lol

oh yea, this is my favorite pix among that day
:P ha

so cute
i kinda wanna buy it but i don't like the seller so i didn't
it called "NO WAR" $10

Kirby G likes hug, alots.

Strawberry Chocolate Dip, handmade by Mr.Astroboy
aww very very very sweeet of you
thanks silly u

love clam chowder
this is the only American soup that i like :D

holding the plastic bowl
walking and eating that soup under a really hot day is so COOL

starting feeling comfortable to have u shopping with me now

& I enjoying dinner your house
thanks mama chin fong for the chinese fishball noodle soup
i like it ^^