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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Happy Bday Cyndi
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Happy Bday to my dear Ms.Cyndi!
(old vivi gal)

we used to be twins while we work together
ha i know so awkward

she is small white
i am small black

cuz she got very light skin
and i got very dark skin
so cool

those old times working together is so fun
we used to sing out loud together in the store
and we both sing real sucks

i am glad that i make it tonight
cuz i got to see long time no see Jenny,
a cute young gal i always love and misses.

anyways, i dont care
i promise, i will buy u a great bday gift!

can't wait for next blog about my awesome dinner!

@ Wall Street.

an very old restaurant that been there more than 30 years?
such a cool building, right?

yes, so this is the favorite pix i told u about.

next time, dinner here pleaseeee?