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Friday, May 21, 2010
good lunch :D
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good food does make people happy,
it make me extremely satisfied :)

i love how people told me that i eat good food always
it is like i am reaching one of my ideal lifestyle even closer

i can't eat alots
i am picky at flavor
i don't know what is good food
i love trying foods ^_^
that is all it matter for me

Gusto @ Greenwich Ave

how weird it is that we're the only table there? lol

LOVE this., not the bread okay lol

i like octupus, but i actually like it fries more
and ewwwww sand in it!

mr.chin fong's favorite ravioli
but not the yolk he said haha

dislike this pasta.
very little of flavor, and too many noodles :P

this is better, but still not my favorite.

next time, i rather order my favorite salad and appetizer ;)

almost every restaurant serve this chocolate cake as dessert
but this one sucks

french restaurant, JOJO make the best.

my always "food adventure partner" ^^

thanks for liking what i like
& willing to do it with me
&accompany me

it is like, i found the life partner to spend the rest of life with,
to achieve the ideal lifestyle that i dream of.


favorite street shot of the day by mr.chin fong :)
actually, i love most of the photos u took for me that day
not all, okay ha

it is a good day.