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Saturday, May 8, 2010
blue sky&IT* make me smile
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only 1 week left for school make me so happy

can't wait for more outing :)

...have i told you about this?

couple days ago, Thursday.
Sociology class was about to start,
so i open my notebook try to copy down some note.

So, this is what i saw.

YES, i can't believe you did this again.
it make me SMILE so big right after i got to this page and saw it.

you're so cute.
your drawing is even cuter.

it got all my favorite character&cartoon in it
awww it actually make me smile the whole day.

:) :) :) PS* thanks you :) :) :)

Blue sky, green grass @ the campus is so comfy.

last Thursday is a good day.

the cute drawing start my lovely smile day.


Seek leadership award at the night end my perfect day =)
(altho i decide not to go but i really am glad and feeling good to know i get it)

silly you.

i appreciate the fact you wanna dress nice for my award ceremony.
i appreciate alots to know that i have nothing to be afraid of because you're there for me

but kirby hate ur blazer and leather shoes very much.
lol haha

I HAVE LOTS OF FUN @ the food fair today.

what else can i say?

i love the way how u spoil me like the princess
while i am like a little girl running around the food fair getting anything i want
playing around the finger toy, eating corn, picking up the roses, sharing the takoyaki
i gotta admit , it is the cutest outting we have so far.

today's noon was so perfect. me&you.

it was actually really cute while we both care about each other's family.