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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
surpriseeeee! bday boy ha
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tues; 20April2010

i guess i just wanna give u the best bday ever that can remind of me in the future
so yea, u gotta agree i did a great job!

such a tiring job prepare so many stuff for ur surprises

running from 34st for ur bday gift
to west 4, urban outfitters buy the photo thingy
to chinatown, to buy gift wrap paper, candy, bday banner, etc
back to my neighbor picking up photos

ughh never again lol
well since u always say u want a Polaroid everytime u saw Frank pull out his
so i guess it will be ur bday gift

i think it was my best gift wrap ever cuz i barely wrap up gift lol

& the bday card
gosh i do love getting handmade card, but damn i hate making it myself actually
first, drawing the shape on a white sheet of paper (the mushroom shape actually hard to draw ok)
then cut the shape, copy paste on the neon card then cut it
then design draw blah blah
so much writting ugh

oh why mushroom shape?
it is the only thing u will think of me immediately while u look at it accidentally in the future
this is the best surprise i do for people so far

so nervous preparing the surprise alone at the starcase
cuz i m freaking scare that people will come in and bump into it lol
hanging up and tape the birthday banner
putting the little cupcake on the floor to make it a smiley face
lighting up the cute candle

then run real quick and ring ur door
then pull u to the staircase
and shout:"surprise! happy birthday!" ;D
haha so fun
ur face was like...huh what t f?

i hope u'll like it though
altho this is not really what i wanna to give u
but i guess u need more photos of us so i cant give u others
(u better learn how to work that things ok)

oh and that photo things suprise too
i enjoy looking at those photos very much
altho the walgreen 1hr photo quality come out really SUCKs

Chocolate Moose Cake, by mama chin fong
singing bday song to u, with alex mama chin fong, and mr.bernard on the web cam
was very interesting and fun actually
it make me smiles while i sing it

anyways, hanging out w ur family wasn't that scary that i tho will be
i love them ;') i really do

oh yea
i love the new nickname ur dad gave u - ASTROBOY
haha so cool so dumb so u

so 4 surprise, i hope i wow u
i am amazing i know haha

and u better do more to top those