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Monday, April 26, 2010
sucky rainning day
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ugh hate this drizzle raining day
i rather it rain heavy so i can have a good nap staying home

bad sleep lately
i hate sleeping late and get up early
it give me a headache and bad mood

still haven't finish the midterm review for tmr
but i already feel like giving up

one of the big reason that cause me a bad temper now
i alredy am broke
and repair the phone cost me almost $70
now i am so scare to check my bank balance
then mother's day coming soon
oh gosh ='(

selling my favorite len will be my last backup option
i wish i dont need to do that

just let me win the lotto plssss

I HATE how money issue stress me ;'/
soooo hungry now
i miss last night dinner, Korean cheese rice cake
so good

i enjoyed chilling with babe kris and carmen last night
updating each other latest info/status
yes, we do need to hangout more ;D

sort of a lazy blogger lately
busy hanging out with friends
busy walking around the city

anyways, will blog soon about last week Brooklyn Bridge day
one of the day that i fall in love with the city more