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Friday, April 9, 2010
Job hunting, endup shopping
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seriously, wtf.
what is wrong with the stupid god damn cold weather ;'(

Raining in midnight make a even better sleep
kinda wish it can rain whole day so i can sleep entire day too

i tho i need a job so i went job hunting with Franklin @ soho today

GoodLuck, Frank!

u'll get a job soon dont worry cuz i always think u can
Ha ;)

Oh yea,
love the serious outfit & fancy hair-do of you today

last time i walked by this place
i say, i'll come here to take a shoot for sure
yay finally i did it ;D
simply love the colorful ATM machine, which i tho it was a telephone booth at first

ughh so broke
pls someone stop me not shopping nomore plss

i love new york
so many random creative things that wow you
it was a seat saver
for only $4, i will buy it actually

it just, i dont even know when am i gonna use it

hmm, actually i wanna have Indonesia food today

but Malaysian food is fine with me ;'D

such a long time haven't have full meal from appetizer, entrees, to dessert

that turn my happy mood on immediately


sitting in the park, feeling the cold weather
cursing out why is it so damn cold since it already April

it is alright
good talk always worth it.

i am glad, we talked it out

i'll try.
i promise.