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Friday, April 16, 2010
Great night!
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Thurs night; 15April2010

@ 23rd st Baruch College
Hong Kong Club is having this 5th Annual Singing Contestone of the college friend got into final round

awww such a great night
as always, while we are together,
it was loads of craziness, laughness, dumbness
i couldn't stop laughing the whole night
thanks u all my favorite friends ;'))
Cheney Zhang
great performance ^^
althought u didn't won,
but who cares bcuz all of us were enjoying your singing very much

& the first time introduce u to my friendshope our dumbness wont scare you away

later, dinner @ Chinatown, XO restaurant
the only place that can fit us since we have big groups

i actually like that place
lots of choices & price is reasonable

we all need to hangout soon, and more plsssi miss u guys so badly already ha ;')


Friday; 16April2010
first time didn't bring camera with me
&feeling so uncomfortable
never ever, i will forget my camera nomore ;(

lunch @ mr.poohead house
Kirby G start enjoying homemade meal now
but it have to be tasty okay

awww finally the salad is tasty again
& the grill cheese sandwich is sooo good this time

& we need to finish up the movie "Nanny Diary" next time okay?

Evening, @ Barney Noble
a large favorite starbucks' rasberry lemon aid
two of us sitting on the carpet floor
reading all sort of different magazines
was so relaxing and Kirby G actually enjoyed it very much

i likes how both of us read the wedding magazines together
and discuss all those stuff like we actually can do the same stuff in the future

dinner @ the awesome sushi restaurant was the best
i think i didn't stop smiling the entire night
kinda surprise myself too!
i guess, the music just turn us both on
thanks chin fong ;')

i have lots fun today ^o^

more good foods like what we used to do before pls?

i still can't believe we bought this stupid fake macaron-look alike
haha so damn sugar sweet
real macaron taste so much so muchhhh better ughh