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Monday, April 12, 2010
boring monday
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Monday suppose to be my no-school, relax, "whole day nap day"
but i always endup have to do something

so this week, doctor appointment
ugh ;'/
2hr waiting was killing me

Oh well
no more complaining
&will try to appreciate it every time i think of what will happen if i sick in Malaysia
bcuz HEY there ain't no free health insurance there
;'( real sucks

after 2hr of waiting, 5 minutes meeting with doctor
i decide to treat myself with something real good
ha ;D

been craving for it after last week

Strawberry/ nutella crepe, cost only $4.65
so much cheaper than the one @ soho
and this taste better with the whip cream on it

ugh i should have order carrot juice too!

every time i walked by Cherry Blossom
i'll just stop and look at it for couple sec
so beautiful
it simple can make u smile after looking at those pink flower =)

then, i will think.
i will miss Cherry Blossom so much, while i am gone

if without the allergy
i really wish we can have cherry blossom every single day

love shopping the snacks ha ;'D
bought a few packs of my favorite instant noodles
some malaysian snacks

the noodle was so good
i actually can eat it 5 days a row
and i always eat it with 2 pack noodle, not 1

since i bought the chips too
cant wait for home movie&snack time now

only if my computer have sounds
will be so much better and cooler
cuz TV ain't got no show to watch

ugh ;'(

finally back to blogging about my daily boring lives
been missing it actually
i still remember how i used to blog about Mama G's breakfast for Kirby
sigh no more bcuz she been busying on work