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Sunday, April 11, 2010
this sunday is fun
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such a cute, lovely sunny day

cherry blossom everywhere
summer dress, flipflop, cute gals on the street

woooo rayy ;D

planning to make something so we can picnic in a park
always wanted to do this ;)

favorite shrimp ceasar salad turn out real bad after couple hrs
i still wonder why?

oh well
making the salad by myself was actually fun

but i still prefer "someone" make it for me
cuz he make the best shrimp salad last time

i finished two bowl of those salad by myself, remember?

it really looks good, but taste bad actually

u need a better recipe obviously
or mr.bernard teaching ;)

whoa i was kinda surprised
so we both wear flannel and almost the same sun glasses
ha so cute

better, yes.
ur photography skill is finally improve after Baltimore trip

Kirby G kinda like it while someone can take pix of her anytime, anywhere

...."my bf is a photographer"
that is what i wish for actually while i learn photography last year

eating in the garden feel really good
the flowers, the plants, the bugs,
the stranger keep walking by and staring at us
was fun.

these couple days were fun.
i wish we can keep it like this,
as long as we can.