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Saturday, April 10, 2010
movie day
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Movie Day.

watch 4 movie today, from 12pm to 9pm.
kinda crazy but so much fun

love tyler perry's why did i get married too the most
honestly, it freak me even more about marriage after watching it
but i know, i'll still get marry cuz i want kids and family
please dont let me endup like them i wish

dislikes miley cyrus,
but, i endup cried the most watching the last song
so fun to cried together with the little girl, grandma sat next to me
ha ;')

date night was dumb and funny
never ever take someone else' reservation lol

fall in sleep in the last movie,Ghost Writer
sucks ;/
the sleep was good i wish it can last a little longer tho

yay ;D
the dinner, jalapeno pizza was actually so good

& the home walk,
the long time doesn't have piggyback ride

the stupid me stepping on the brick while u holding my hand promising me you will hold me everytime i fall
the relax family/hometown conversation

wow, i think the it is the best walk we have so far

no kidding, we need more of that
Ha ;D

i have fun today ^_*