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Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Vivi Crews
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went out with old ViVi Bubble tea's crew to celebrated Chih Wei's belated birthday

GOSSIP-ing was so fun =)

Chih Wei quit the job too.

It seem like Vivi is not the same nomore
bcuz all the old,fun crews/gals left ='(

2 years working in Vivi was actually the best time i have.

It was fun, relaxing, and the best job ever.

I missed ViVi & my gals.

I missed the fun.

Birthday Boy was the one wearing grey. lols

He been working at Vivi since the beginning of store opened, with me.

4 years, i can say?

Such a nice guy,
& always helps me around
& treat me to some tasty meal =)

thanks ^^

Lunch at Seoul Garden @ 34st Korean Town.

dislike the waitress with the non-smiley face = =
& the food was just alright.

Total Amount of Meal : around $200


I really do, missed the old ViVi fun.

i missed those nice customers who we can chat around like a friends

i missed those bubble teas and snacks of the stores

i missed saying out loud "Hello" try to scare customers away

The Boss

the best, funniest boss i ever have
which gave us loads of laughs ;P

i missed messing around with him

i missed how we both can talk about yellow/horny jokes

i missed him, kinda. lols

The Original ViVi Gals who worked since the store opened.
of cause, we all quited already =(

I missed how three of us used to be really close and best friends

I missed how we can sing out loud in the stores

I missed how we can have all those secret gal talks about each other

I missed how we always so excited to work and chat with the customers

I missed, everything.

After couple month/years, New Gals came.

Still fun to hang around,
but things start changing.

i miss those old days those old fun those gals those memories those laughs