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Sunday, March 7, 2010
Magnolia Cupcakes
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Saturday; 06Feb2010

spring soon?

such a lovely weather
decided to go out and join ms.phibbie for some cakes ;)

since i do not need anything from Marc Jacob
so i shop @ Urban Outfitters for a while
& meet them later

oh yea, i bought a discount slipper and bag ;P

Famous, Magnolia Bakery @ Bleecker Street

always a line before entering the store

Ms.Phibbie & Ms.Yeeki D:

Hey gal! long time no see ;)

we need to hangout more
cuz we both are cakes&dessert
lovers ;D

Kirby G always have loads of desire for cupcakes

the red velvet cupcakes was all sold out ;(

what i bought ^_^

left one is mine, with vanilla cake
right one is for poophead, with chocolate cake

$2.75 each

since you're treating me dinner
so kirby g treat you a cupcakes

hehe ;)

spot my super happy face?

cakes always make me smile ;D

we didnt make it to the bookstore for more cakes and tea eventually
bcuz the silly 7 train is not running again ;/
ugh plan ruined

kirby g seriously in some cakes mood that day, no kidding

however, i still have my favorite dinner box at soho in the night

thanks poophead for the dinner =)