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Sunday, March 21, 2010
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so many cool stuff going on around the city ;)

Sunday; 20March210

perfect weather ;)
NO study midterm day& decided to go out with Mr.Cyrus Mok

it is NYC Macaron day!
Everyone can get a free macaron if going to these participant store

Oh Well ;(
by the time we get there, the free macaron already all gone

since we haven't try Macaron before
so each of us bought 2 to try

$1.95 each

I bought Violet Flower & Sesame flavor

aww i love it ;)

Nomore cupcakes, Macaron is Kirby G's new favorite now!
Ha ;D

yups, next time we will buy all the flavors!

Macaron Cafe @ 161 West 36 St

Such a cute French cafe
also selling different sandwiches and drinks

such a long line waiting @ Pinkberry

New Flavor launch!
Mango is so yummy :)

thanks cyrus mok ^_*