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Monday, March 15, 2010
Happy White Vday!
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Happy White Valentine's

for all my loveliest friends ;)


showing up by the doors with flowers and chocolates do surprise me this time

finally got my favorite roses this time
yay :D
as u say, 4 white roses for white valentine
lols so silly ha

the gift was nothing related to money
yet, it was the most freak&unforgettable gift i ever receive
it was super duper sweet of you, seriously.

gosh please don't do this next time okay
it scared me

still YAY for my phone case back ^^

- Mr.Poohead aka Christoper Chin Fong -
thanks you
, from bottom of my heart ;)

you for remembered this day
thanks you for skipping work just so u can spend today with me
thanks you for giving me my favorite roses
thanks you for the cute card drawing and chocolates
thanks you for jumping to the subway track just to get my phone case back

thanks you for spoil me like nobody else can do the same like u do

the most,
thanks you for the efforts and willing to do it just for me

. thanks you for everything, tonight ;)