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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Gals Talk ♥
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Friday; 12Feb2010

look dumb but i likey
... hehe

in love with my new nickname ha ;D

"lazibby" is so cool yet silly

oh & in love with the poladroid film effect too ;))

Shop @ Soho at evening.
all of us bought something yay :D

went to May's Place again for dinner
Zen was packed so leave us no choice. Ugh.

Superman roll was tasty, with sausage in it. Ha

after getting some fries next door
we headed to Veniero's for some cakes ;)

oh well. Kirby G is really in cake mood these weeks

i still think that JoJo have the best chocolate cake.

I miss my gals, very badly ;(

only 2 weeks haven't hangout w u all
& i feel like it is already been a month!

i cant imagine what will happen after September ;(

Hey Ms.Yeeki & Ms.Juju

Glad to have those first time gal talks with u two
it was enjoy-ful.

more next time?

Oh & the spring break trip
i wish we can all have a blast fun again
of cause we will,right?
(if i am going lols)

Tonight was hearty♥

thanks my loveliest gals.
you all was my sweetie-pie :)

i am super happy that i have u gals to go around with me to try new foods
it really am my favorites things to do now

&yesss it was surely a waste not to try good foods in NYC

i really wish i have more time ;(

i spot my favorite strawberry chocolate dip @ Veniro's!

okay, next time ;)

- Hey Mr.Poohead.
thanks for everything, last night.
the headache pill,
it was very sweet of u ;)