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Sunday, February 28, 2010
Yeeki House Gathering
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Friday, 26Feb2010

SNOW STORM at new york city.

all school/college closed again :)

Decided to go Yeeki house around my neighborhood to have a Korean BBQ gathering.

I am so glad that i decided to went eventually.

It was so fun. ALWAYSSSSSSS :D

12 of us total.
Felix was the photographer.

the foods was so goooood

especially the chicken wings made by yeeki
lasagna made by felix

thanks alot =)

CHEERSSS for the snow storm & college closed!

Those BEERS were actually the left over from new year countdown couple months ago

my besty!

:D love you gals

Nice to meet you, Ms.Bonnie ^^

Hope you enjoy the night & have blast fun with us.

Icecream for dessssssert before we left =)

What a great fun night with all my favorite friends.

the game were super effin fun. Next time too pleaseee.

& YUPSSSS another house gathering @ Yeeki house too again pleaseee ^^

thanks yeeki so much for letting us stay at her house.
so sweet of her =)