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Monday, February 8, 2010
Sunday to end the Restaurant Week
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Sunday; Feb 07 2010

food always make me happy

Kirby G love trying out new restaurant
but mostly she always order the same foods
cuz all she want is to enjoy the ambiance of different restaurant

Sunday is the last day of Restaurant Week.

But it extented till 28th now

This Sunday make me very HAPPY

a whole day of prix fix lunch and dinner just awesome.

Prix Fix Lunch @ Tribeca Grill for $24.00.

first time been to the Tribeca area.

The lunch was quite a disappointment =(

Cheesecake was okay.

My Chocolate Mousse Cake taste not bad tho.

The ambiance of Tribeca Grill.



movies "Dear John"

Ughhhh i guess we just expect too much on it
which come out a bit disappointing.


Reservation, dinner on The Water Club near East River.

love the music, love the sea view, love the ambiance.

I say, i will come back for more in the summer!

The appetizer - Lobster Soup was a must try!

taste like Clam Chowder, yummyyy :D

My entree - Ribs

His entree - Lobster with Butter and Mashed Potato

Whoooo this make me fly. Ha :P

Poophead & Me ='D

Oh, love the waiter there too.

My Dessert - Caramel Pudding

His dessert - Layer of Chocolate Cake

Thanks chin fong.

for the lunch and dinner.

The East River sea view near the restaurant was amazing.

It was freaking cold tho.

a memorable night actually.

the piggyback ride was fun. Ha

I started missing the dinner now.