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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Happy CNY & Valentine =))
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This is definitely my best year, so far =)

I got the most red envelope this year. Ha!

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentines!

Monday, 14Feb2010

a lovely suprise in the morning start my good day.


Noon @ Kevin's House.

Four buddies playing Mahjong
Four buddies playing Uno

i suggest, next time, lets play with real money. Ha :D

He is Kevin. His house it is.

Ugh! i should have wear red that day too =((

Special Thanks to Kevin's grandma for cooking us new year dinner.

She is effin cute ;P

it was 9 of us. Dinner was sooooo fun!

My fake valentine of the day.

When we're having dinner couple months ago,
we said,: "if both of us didn't have a date on v day, then we'll be each other valentine"
so here we are.

Ha :D

Anyways, Thanks for the red rose paul paul =)

Who said you need a lover to make the Valentine day a blast?

My great friends are my valentine!

Super Fun Night with loads of laughing and happiness.

I am grateful to have you all with me :)

Night @ Terrific Tea House, Chinatown.

Chilling, and drinking bubble tea.

The Heart shape Homemake Chocolate, made by Kris Babe

Tasty, for sure!

The morning valentine surprise as I mentioned.

THANKS a million, Chair Fong :')

It turn out i like the flower alots now.

& the card u drew with lots of mario and yoshi was super CUTEEE too.

thanks for the effort.

I appreciated it, alots.