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Thursday, January 7, 2010
belate xmas gift
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Thanks a million

for this very thoughtful Christmas gift =)

Thanks for knowing that i always watched "According to JIM" TV show every night

& get me this whole episode of the TV show.

Thanks for remembered that i keep saying that i want that Mcdonald Coke Glass

&u went to ate that big value meal just to get me this.

It was a simple gifts, yet very sweet and thoughtful.

But I really appreciate it aLOTS.

because these were just what i like

& thanks for remembered everything i said.

I am SICK now =(
& i need to get on plane within 12 hours.

I wish i can get well SOON.

& Enjoying my Sun&Beach trip!

will be AWAY from 9th to 16th


Florida trip from 18th to 25th


Whooo i am gonna have alots of FUN!