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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
back from Florida!
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Home Sweet Home

I am BACK.

from the 9day Orlando, Florida trip.

TIRED & too much walking ='(

but i do miss the weather there

very warm in the noon

& all those coconut trees that i love :D

unfortunately we didn't make it to the Sea World

i wish i can still be there next time

i just simply love aquarium

Jan 21.2010 - Universal Orlando

mad =/

because my camera ran out of battery by the time i step into the park


which mean.. NO photos for Universal Orlando!

I am glad that i have the gut to went on the roller coaster

anyways, no more next time!

it is way damn too scary for me lols

Jan 22.2010 - Disney Epcot

the world show case is amazing :)

waited for a long line just to have photos with Mickey& Minnie& Donald duck

they are effin cutee :D

one of the world show case - CHINA.


school start real soon ='(