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Monday, December 14, 2009
yessssss for the sunny day
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hoooooo yahhhh~

CHEERS for the sunny & warmer day!

dizzy-ness keep borthering me
so i ended up having a sad face

& spend NO-MONEY on shopping today
Oh Whoa.
i really am dizzy

@ 34street.

L-O-V-E how i see so many mickeys at one time.
first this huge balloon at macys,
then the santa mickey!

- Believe -

favorite WORD.

This is New York City.

where regular peoples & tourist blend in together

a must per month.

- white chocolate with rasberry -

& of cause claiming my free chocolate per month


dinner of tonight.

- Shrimp Broccoli with white rice -

Oh Fineee!
i will go library& study for final tomorrow
i promise.

Oh so,
we are back to friends again,right?
i am glad. honestly.