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Monday, December 28, 2009
stomach been hurting me whole day
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the long, front fringe been bothering me now


Went to Queens Mall at noon to buy chocolates

as i promised,
u buy me xmas chocolate
&i'll buy u one too!

Later, went to Lexington Ave for ZARA

almost the whole floor are on sales =)

bought myself a bag, deducted from $80 to $50.

Around 6pm,

Have dinner with Paul @ St Mark since he have a day off!

@ his favorite spot, Zen Restaurant.

I know, i been craving for EEL sushi for couple days already

but then i ended up ordering this Tempura dinner box.

Oh Well.

Thanks Paul for sharing his EEL sushi with me. Ha.


went to a liquor store to buy this plum sake that Paul recommended.

Hey Hey!

Not for me, of cause.

for someone's Christmas gift ='P