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Friday, December 4, 2009
rockefeller center
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i thought tonight was the christmas tree lighting ceremony
so i went with a friend.
turn out, it was yesterday?
anyways, it just felt so good to went there under a lovely weather
christmas songs, christmas lightings, christmas decorations
i am happy ='D

same old same old
a huge christmas tree with a Swaroski star on top of it

Saks Fifth Avenue's window display

i prefer the 34st Macy's window display
they always the best.

always wanted to go in the church in 5th avenue
i am glad i went tonight

the one right next to Saks Fifth Avenue mall

it was GORGEOUS!

donate $2 for it.

many different Saint figures in the church

simply amazed.

midnight supper @ wendy

yes! i will go Mcdonald to get the coke glass, soon!

Wandering on the streets and chatting was enjoyable.

So this is my 100th blog.

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