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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Oh SHOT! ZARA i love you but i am so broke now
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Since i am having the winter getaway trip soon in January

so it is time for me to Renew my STATE ID since it expired already


i will never gonna let the expire ID ruin my flight!

Thanks to DK for that $100 value giftcard

Starbucks is now a must go whenever i am out!

Peppermint Mocha was quite good


White Chocolate Mocha is now my new favoriteeeee!


sister love the Zara bag that i bought not long ago

so i decided to walk around to see if i can get her another one

=') I wish they still have it.

BOOOOOOO! the bags were all gone.

Sorry sis =(


I just told myself not to spend money again because i need to save up for my 2 trips coming soon!

Oh Well. Craps. I spend money anyways.

I just love ZARA SALES too much ^__^

SO today,

i bought 2 very nice shirt & 1 pair of fabulous shoes.

Below is the price for those:
Bag: from $80 to $50
1 long sleeve dress: from $60 to $40
1 shirt: from $60 to $40
Shoes: from $110 to $50

so total i spend $180 for Zara this week.

although still kinda pricey after SALES

but they are so worth it!

gotta love once per year whole floor SALE of ZARA!