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Sunday, December 20, 2009
Morning Snow Pix!
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first thing to do after waking up is to check if it still snowing or not

Oh Well. It STOP!


I actually wish for Non-Stop Snowing.

I know people who have car & need to shovel HATE me for saying this

but it was just so pretty and simply white =')

anyways, since it stop already.
So i wear my coat and run downstairs to snap for couple snow pix!

Stand in front of my apartment door and take this shoot.

Using my Tokina Super Wide Angle lens for sure!

I Wish For A White Christmas with white xmas tree this year

Pleaseeeeeeeeee ='P

Don't you ever think snowing is fun!

It Is So NOT!

because it is so hard to walk on the snow

people have car need to shovel the snow

....blah blah blah
and other bad reasons too.



Just love to snapshot bicycle, as always.