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Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry Christmassssssssssss!!
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Ho Ho Ho~

My favorite holiday!

The color of RED just bright up the night =)

Hey Anita!

I am glad u came & hope u enjoy the party =')


Have a safe flight to Hong Kong today pleaseeee

& have a bunch of fun there, okay =D


Balloons actually were for the game!


You guys were amazing with the "Nobody" dance

Yay Iris Man!

Finally you're back from break & get to hangout with us =)

The Hyper Happy Groupies , always.


half-group picture!

bcuz the room is a bit too small

& we have too many peoples!

THE xmas eve party party was really fun & a big success!

Thanks to Yan Yan for pulling it all together.

You're Great!

After the Xmas eve party finished at 1am midnight

we decided to go Rockefeller Center & see Christmas tree!

Yes, call us crazy.

We so are!


too bad the Christmas Tree Area was closed down when we was there around 2:30am.

but, we still have bunch of Fun posing around like a stupid tourist!


I so love you guys!

I am so thankful to have people that i care&love to be near me in this last Christmas in NYC.

I really do love you, gals.

You too, Cyrus Mok.

Have a safe flight and enjoy urself in Hong Kong during this winter trip =)

No matter what happen

I hope you can still be HAPPY.

another group picture with the huge Christmas tree!

It was effin freezing to walked on the street in midnight.

but who cares?

Hanging out @ Mcdonald's later the night

& we left @ 4:45am.


I got home around 6am in the morning.

THIS CHRISTMAS EVE was totally unforgettable & simply LOVELY.

How great to have all of you to be with me in this special holiday.

I am feeling grateful, alots.