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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
James Bday Party
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- Tuesday Night, 15th Dec -

last night was bunch oh fun bcuz i get to hangout w my ViVi Crews!

UGHH! i miss hangout with you all♥

i am just so GLAD & HAPPY that i was there last night =)

the Birthday Boy!

aka my old boss from ViVi Bubble Tea

@ Chinatown, Melody KTV

the sound system was bad but at least the room is big enough to suit us!

Oh. I don't know 1/3 of the people too!
bcuz they are the new ViVi Gals


my favorite Malaysian Sky Chong was there too.

old ViVi gals with the Birthday Boss!

Hey RayRay!

long time no see =')

small white&small black(me) get to sing together for a very long time!

Oh Well.
of cause we have a bad singing, as always


Katy~ i am so HAPPY that you get yourself a really good boyfriend now =')

my fringe is really way too long
it keep covering my eyes
WEIRD. that is all i wanna say.

Favorite Pix of the night!

Group Pix with the New&Old ViVi Gals

Not really a entire people group pix!
bcuz we dont even have a chance to take one

Oh Well. i am too busy to get myself drunk!

Happy Early Birthday, James

i know your real birthday is not here yet!

i miss you & love you too.