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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
it is freeeeezing & i am still walking and shopping!
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- Mon; Dec 21th -


gotta shop for Christmas giftssss!

@ 34st.

trying to renew my state ID in the morning
Mission Failed.



5th avenue, the Rockefeller Center.

a must for every New Yorker or tourist to visit for Huge Christmas Tree!

i always tell myself

one day, i will come here and ice skating!

never happen till now.


i love how the white snow cover on the top

it just beautiful.

I wish this is night time.

so i can stand here and watch the Christmas lighting that happen every 5 minutes

Second Time.

Went to Saint Patrich Church next to saks fifth avenue.


i just love to sit there and take a rest from all those walking

& look around the building.


went to Disney Store for nephew xmas gifts.

It is effin cute in there

so much cute things and decorations was attractive!

Then, go back to East Village for Ramen

bcuz i keep wanted to eat Ramen since last night.

Went to famous Momofuku Noodle Bar.

It is packed and line waiting every night.


I will come here to ice skate one day, for sure.