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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Family Fun!
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The Lowest Temperature of the Week!

20' degree Fahrenheit.

='( tears


My legs were FREAKING FREEZING with only one open legging without socks!

Shrimp Teriyaki with Eel sushi, lunch box.

Luncheon with family @ Soho.

my mom worked there!

Yay! =D

Christmas Tree @ aunt house @ Long Island.

a hotpot dinner, gathering with familiessssss =)

Favorite Nephews & his dad!

& Jonathan was holding the xmas gift i got for him ^^

I actually think this is a simply cute photo.

When i was eating hotpot, & i saw this.

I immediately drop my food down, run & get the camera and take this photo!

I was so touched.

...i mean, how they played games together was so cute!

That big guy with black is my favorite cousin, Kenny =)

Finally, a picture with him!

I love him.

despite all his bad behavior in school

he is still my favorite cousin!


While we went back to Malaysia once before,

people always think he is my boyfriend!

But the fact is he is only 14 years old


Perfect Family Night!

Kids play games in the living room

& the adults share their stories and laughing, drinking wine, eating food at the kitchen!

I would love to end this post with a photo of Me & Daddy & Sister ♥