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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
dessert sweeten my night!
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last night

as usual,

....HUNGRY! ='/

A Chocolate Mosse Cake from Veniero's @ East Village

bought from a dork. pshhhh!

THANKS, i mean.



- Tues; Dec 22th -

Finally, Sindee have a day off & we get to hangout together!

It is like i am meeting her once per 6 months


bcuz she is too busy-ing on her load of school works and job

Julia & Phibbie

Julia's new bang make her look younger

& i like it!


Luncheon @ West @ Flushing.

first time been there

quite nice, i mean the foods and the price!

i order a lunch combo,
which is only $9 for 6pieces of California Roll & Udon with fried shrimp.

a Group Pix, using Self-Timer, & camera on the table.

of cause we took bunch of other stupid pix.

That was fun.

A early Christmas Card from Phibiebie

Thanksssss =')

that is very sweet of you.

Oh Yea.

Please, Have a safe flight on 25th going back to Hong Kong

& Have bunch of fun there!!

after lunch, as always

Frozen Yogurt @ Red Mango

treat from Sindee!

Thanks, again =)

I LOVE hanging out with u gals

the conversation was enjoyable

& YESSS we definitely should do this more often!

& later that noon

I went to Karaoke-ing with Summy, Yan,Kevin,William &etc..