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Friday, November 13, 2009
goodbye billy
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weather: windy&freaking cold

insomnia sucks.
i wish i can fall in sleep early, pls :'(

breakfast @ Dunkin Donuts, again.
Toasted Plain Bagel with Butter

i lose couple pounds lately,
cuz i always starve myself.
not that i want to, but it just happened.

autumn is gone, the leaf is falling everywhere.
tree without leaf, simply feeling emo.

I actually hate taking Friday classes
the campus is too quiet.

went back to Uniqlo to visited Billy purposely, his last day work.
i love him so much, i even cut half class just to go see him
worth it.
GoodBye, Billy♥

Carmen is quitting too. sighhh

dinner @ chinatown with carmen/guy/franklin.
Omfg. seriously, frank!
u have to stop with the Ella thingy

me&frank both went to Queens Mall after dinner to shop for 30minutes.
well, endup we buy nothing.

Oh Well.
i just wish to have fun tmr at paloma bday party
i just simply want to hangout with Uniqlo people
i miss u guys so much :P