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Saturday, November 7, 2009
Met museum
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The Blogger:Kirby
always, with my signature silly pose :'D

went to Metropolitan Museum of New York
for my class museum report.

purposely bring my super wide angle lens so i can try to capture the entire building

it is saturday
&that is why the museum was crowded today.

this is my 3rd time visiting Met Museum.
always, for the same reason, school project or museum report

for student who have CUNY ID,
you just have to donate any amount of money you like for admission ticket
i always donate $2.

oh well
the first time entering the Egypt Section
simply love the atmosphere there.
if only i can eat&drink coffee while sitting there, will definitely be great!

For Sure,
i will pay another visit next time
bcuz i dont even finished walking thru the whole museum yet

dinner of the day, cooked by mom.
kinda of a Malaysian food.

oh yay!
cant wait for tmr :')