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Wednesday, November 18, 2009
bday dinner with vivi gals
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i know my birthday is not here yet
2 more days!!! the 19th :'D

a happy happy night.
to be with my lovely old worker :'D

the superwoman&superman's sushi roll
with hotdog in it! weird
but not bad :')

i loveee gifts :'D
especially from u guys

- thanks katy, for the flower earring
that i keep complaining in the summer that i wanted it!

-thanks judy, for the warm slipper
i cant believe that u still remembered i said that i dont have heat in my house last year
and now u get me this slipper try to keep my feet warm :')
u re so sweeet!

-thanks cyndi, for 2 necklaces&one clinique set
omg that camera necklace is effing cutee
and another ribbon necklace, i loveeee it bcuz u have one on ur own too ^^

i miss my vivi crew so much
honestly, i miss the fun times we used to have in work
i wish we can hangout more :')

hangout with u guys, are so fun&happy!

i feel so appreciate,
for everything happened to me