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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Bday dinner w college-mates
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sunday night, Nov 22th;

karaoke @ CEO ktv from 4pm-7pm
& headed to supermarket together to buy hotpot stuffs.

first time visiting Cheney's new house @ Flushing
love it! very warm and new-decorated.

sorry guys,
i am lazy ha i know :'P
thanks for preparing the foods

i love how u can stand here and watched the night view of this huge parking lot.

we were once classmate for fabric class :')

so..getting marry soon?
pleaseeee invite me!


i was happy as long as i have fishballs,beef&veggies

thanks cheney's sister for this shoot!

i am the birthday girl
so i am sitting on the chair

after hotpot,
sitting on the floor playing poker cards.

i love this cozy feeling.
where we gather around in the living room
&watch American Music Awards together

after since the Japanese class finished
we haven't gathered like this for a long time
i am glad that i get to see u guys that night

thanks Cheney for the house&foods :'D


ughhh sorry guys
i accidentally deleted the photos we took on phibbie's hotpot bday dinner

tuesday night, Nov 24th;

went to ate dinner @ AppleBee's @ 42st with uniqlo peeps
jessica, u are so fun to hangout with!

&watched paranormal activity and 2012.
paranormal sucks, very.
2012, damnnnnn nice!