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Sunday, October 4, 2009
woooo finally +J!
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after craving +J for so long
i get a chance to browse thru the items& actually work on the +J area!
excited of cause, for the first time
wearing all black :)

by the way,
+J is so not my style.
too mature&professional.

saturday, oct 3rd;
(UniQlo break room)
anonymous tasty CHOCOLATES basket&flowers*
the dean&deluca chocolate were so goooood :P
i ended up hiding a bunch of those chocolates in my pouch&locker room!
....shhhhh =X

sunday, oct 4th;
lunch of the day.
as usual,it is mama cooking!
fried tofu w meat inside&white rice.

me&franklin both get off @ 4pm.

OMFG , we're both freaking exhausted.
our legs...cant walk nomore!

went to XO Restaurant for dinner in chinatown
i starting like that restaurant more
bcuz it got variety of desserts that i always craving for!

since we're both too tired,
franklin ended up sleeping on the table after he is done w his meal
& me fall in sleep almost too!

...gosh :'(

&went to J&R in cityhall after dinner.
too bad! it was cloooooooooooosed =(
i neeeed external hard drive!

ughhhhhhhhhh i will sleep right now!
till tmr.

still gotta work tmr night,
i CANT TAKE IT nomore!