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Thursday, October 1, 2009
treat of the day
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effing cold ='(

i just cant take the cold weather nomore.
cant imagine what it will be like in winter
.. .. sigh sigh ..

went to Godiva
& get myself my favorite drink again ^_*
white chocolate rasberry $4.75

yumm! very very!
not that sweet as milk chocolate decadence.

& it is oct 1st!
time to get 1 free chocolate from Godiva for each month
this time, i get strawberry cheesecake chocolate.
wow so tasty :P

& yayyyyyyy!
+J collection launch today @ uniqlo*

seriously, i dont care = ="
i will get myself one of those black shirt!!

dinner of the day.
chicken broccoli w white rice*
thanks, papa :)
usually, i ordered only broccoli w rice, no chicken.
today is a exception, i dunno why.

sometimes, papa will be like,
don't u wanna try order something else?
cuz i always order this when it come to dinner.

- 爸爸今晚問了條 連我都嚇了一跳的問題
我答應你 我會盡力以為

undecided decison have been DECIDED*
should be,at the end of this month.

... sigh, again.