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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
study study study
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2 midterm exam this thurs&fri.
sadly, i have not enough time to study at all

.... ='(
i no longer working in men floor anymore
main floor, i just hate u, sorry!

treat of the day:
a new flavor of Doritos
"midnight taco" taste nasty =/

feeeeeeling goooood today
at least i stay @ library for almost 3 hr :)

&chit chat w. crazy franklin alooooooots
(see, i know u like green :P)

saturday, oct 10;

ughhhhh my favorite tiramisu*
thx loserrrrr :P

actually, it taste mad gooooood!
still, i want cuppcakeeeeees

sunday, oct 11;
lunch of the day, of cause as usual, cooked by mama :)
fried pork&white rice, soup& banana!

cant wait till paycheck
i wannnnnna shop!

still, i miss men floor.