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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
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sunday, oct 17;
Offcially. Resigned from UNIQLO.
well, it was a 2-week notice
so i still have to worked there for another 2 weeks to actually GONE.

Malaysian snack cooked by Mommy
Thanks a million,love u love u always!
bcuz u make this only for me since i said that i wanna eat it saturday night

monday, oct 19;
midterm going on at noon.
doing real bad =(

work @ 6pm.
went to Flushing to get myself some lunch be4 taking the train.
Joe's Burger*
o damn it mad yummmmmy :D

i save the chicken sandwich for night during my 30min work break.

oh mine,
the burger is stufffffff&deliciousss

nomore MCDONALS.
i am going to Joe' Burger now!

Thanks kiddo =)