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Thursday, September 17, 2009
my lenses
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current mood: DEPRESSED :'(

screw me. why am i letting that happened again = ="

oh well, forgot the sad things.
lets talk abt my favorite things :)

so now, i own 4 lenses & ofcause my favorite canon 450D as well.

left: canon 50mm f1.8
middle: tamron 17-55mm standard lens
right: tokina 11-16mm f2.8 super wide angle lens
& another one is kit lens 18-50mm, sth like that.

i am just so proud of myself,
bcuz i earned money&buy those MYSELF ='D

let me calculate how much i spend on those.
.....lets see.
canon 450d = $700
50mm = $100
tamron 17-55m = $450
tokina 11-16mm = $700

TOTAL = $ 1950 *

OMFG, i never knew i spend so much money untill now!
shocked me! seriously.

i agree. i am crazy abt photography.

not to mention,
i own fujifilm instax camera too!
but i love the instax film =')

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