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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
long weekend
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3days school off ;D

sept 05, saturday;
visited kris babe&bring her some food to eat in the noon.
later, went to sing k @ monster till 8pm.
w/ yan&phibbie&summy&julia&janet&kevin&william&more.

too bad i didn't joined u guys for dinner&dessert :(

sept 06, sunday;
it is Brunch* day!
w/cyrus&summy&yan&kris babe :D
actually, this is my first time trying French cuisine.

take F train & get off @ Lexington Ave.
cyrus said, the station look like the one in Boston
that is why we take bunch of photos here.

just walked for 2 blocks, then we were there!

finally, a group pix!

omg. we all love the decoration of JoJo*
so elegant&classic.
...thumbs up!

it is 3:15pm!
& we gotta to go.
bcuz i gotta rush back to work @ 4pm :(

each person pay $32 include the tax&tips.
a bit pricey for a brunch
but hey! it worth it ;)

now, i missssssss my appertizer&entree&the super tasty dessert!

can we go again next time?

actually, i am craving for famous Lady M* crepes.
cant wait, seriously!

sept 07, monday;
which is the labor day.
supposedly, we all going to BEACH!
but, i gotta work, so cant go :(
but is okay, bcuz i got pay more, like $15 for an hour ^^