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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
busy :'(
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mood:exhausted :'(

been busy working&studying this whole damn week
cant even find time to to chill w frens

mon-fri, school.
mon&wed, work after school
sat&sun, work whole day.


hopefully starting next week,
i have a day off!

i really need to focus on school more. seriously!

i think i like my floor' coworkers more&more :P

mom, u really are the greatest!
no matter how many days i work
no matter u have work everyday too
u still prepare me a lunch/dinner box while i work

do u know how sweet it is everytime i was eating ur food during break.

thanks mom, i really appreciate it :)

get myself a taro mt on the way back home after school.

i think i will be sick soon.
having a "light" sore throat now.

yay! it is movie day tmr.
craving for applebees dinner&coldstones icecream.

cutting class&give away work shift
i am feeling great ^^

my favorite show, Gossip Girl* is back :)

& wooooo!
cant wait till tmr to have my new lens arrive.
hope it succeed my expectation.
i am broke now ='(