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Monday, August 10, 2009
happy bday, kevin!
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aug 9, sunday;

day off.
lying on my lovely bed for whole noon.
it just feeel so goood!

went to st mark for dinner.

second time been there.
hate it this time!
we been waited for 1 hour for the small dish of food.
& it doesn't taste that good at all!

loved the Meiji strawberry melt chocolate that i bought at jas market.
u know what i think?
meiji always the best (:
hmmm maybe pocky too!

ughhhhh they were so cute :P
want one for ur birthday?
sorry, it is not ur birthday yet!
2 more hour till 12pm :/

the walking really felt good*

aug 10, monday;

worked from 12-7pm!
just hate long working shift now.

lunch of the day.
mama best dish cooking: curry chicken*


hope ur dream will all come true (:

YAY! it is day off again tmr.
& uiui crews is having a BEACH&BBQ summer fun day!

cant wait for tmr ^_^

o yes, uiui bubble tea definetely is not open tmr!