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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
exhausted from beach day ><"
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I* simply LOVE the blue sky&sand*
thanks ViVi crew (:
i have much fun yesterday.
we all have. i know ^^

aug 11, tuesday;

ViVi was closed
& all crews were going together to BEACH for BBQ (:

so muchhhh fun!

a bbq park right next to a beach.
we were just simply loving it!

my favorite wax ground tea&green tea were brought (:

& also my favorite chicken wings too!

but this time
the beef taste so much yummmmmy than it!

&the watermelon*

wooooo hoooooooo.

the beach were so beautiful.
blue sky&cloud and the beach.

this is so called "SUMMER"!

- more photos will post soon!

aug 12, wednesday;

working 10am - 6pm.
holy sht*
freaking exhausted!

i cant even smile&say hi to customers this noon.
and my legs and hands were...super tired!

need more sleep, seriously!

Uniqlo* is closing today at 6pm due to the inventory night.

lucky me wasn't one of the night shift till 4pm midnight :P

.... sigh :(
gotta work tmr from 12pm - 9pm!
9 hour super long boring shift.
i so wanna call sick, i cant i know.
duhhhhh ><"