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Saturday, August 15, 2009
busy week
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: been a busy working week :/

break room* of UNIQLO.

barely happen,
but i am the only one person in there for that moment. for 5 minutes?
yea, i guess u can say that&i agreed too!

sometimes, i just wanna enjoy my lunch quietly =/

aug 14, friday;

get off @ 2pm.
& went to ate lunch w/ steven didi*

hey didi!
remember what you promised me.
it is for ur own good!

what a shock news.
i dont like it, i really dont.
quit while u can :(

aug 15, saturday;

get off at 1pm, supposedly 12pm actually.

a cold uiui bubble tea save me from the hot noon!

went to meet w/ franklin&kevin&william @ times square.
& went to duvet to karaoke.

i so don't like duvet.
very dislike!

leave around 8pm.

it is family night again!
i always love mama cooking (:

next week i have less working hours.
i like it ^^
so i get to have a chance to hangout w/ my fren

- 蘑菇比 怎么了?
- 已有幾天沒有與你聊天
- i miss you too (: