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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Monday, July 6, 2009
July 4th
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united states' independence day*
july 4th, saturday;

Pre-Celebration of Kris Babe Birthday*

& my lovely birthday girl, kris*
awww ms.kris, you're so so pretty that day

meet up @ 2pm,
take E train to 14st.

arrived meat packing district around 3pm
such a nice location

highline restaurant*

it is a thai cuisine*
underneath the highline park that just built.
very relaxing where you can feel the windy&sunshine in the noon!
loving it (:

the appetizers & main entree is yummmmyyyy!

total bill: $300. with tax&tips
what do you think?

i think it worth every penny!

we finished lunch @ 6:40pm
wow we just stay there for 3 hours!

after that,
we decided to walk from 14st to soho,chinatown!

bcuz we gotta go to kevin's rooftop for watching the fireworks*

we all craving for frozen yogurt*

since we saw one on the way walking,
and it is a 39cents self-service, per ounce.

very first time, of cause we gotta try it out!

there have so so many diffferent flavor & topppins!

thanks, babe ^^
......for paying my frozen yogurt xDD

it should be a 30minuts walk.

but you know...
we always stop&taking photos
so we been walking like 1&half hour to reached kevin house

reached kevin's house around 8:30pm.


the rooftop is so freaking nice*
with the windy feel&beautiful chinatown view

i am so in love with it.
very in love.

thx, kevin :P

Group Picture of all of us!
include kevin's friends.

that night , on the rooftop, is unforgettable*

hope you'll like everything that we prepared for you.

lastly, i really love you*