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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Mermaid Parade
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06.19, friday noon:
漫畫屋陪kris babe 上班 till night
幾乎 一個月內 總有抽一天去陪上班
也希望用一天的時間 2個人聊聊天

it is gals night!

.....shh, cant tell.

fun & unforgetable*

發現 原來大家也很相同
那共同點 是大家的一致ge想法
聽了很多 心酸 流淚 開心 大笑
那一晚 實屬難忘
還記得 我們相擁在一起的時刻
更重要的是 我們都有顆可以溫軟對方的心
那心意 實屬難得

seriously, i like u gals so much*

06.20, saturday:
although it was raining,
but we still decided that we were going to coney island!
no why, we were just a bunch of crazy fun ppl.

2pm from flushing to brooklyn' coney island.
the ride was 2 hour = =
but is okay.

luckily, it stop raining when we get off subway!
the mermaid parade...hmm.. what shall i say?
sucks? hahas
cuz the mermaids were not pretty at all!
oOops...maybe some!

睇完rio同學ge手*theme photography project
will begin soon (:

because it was raining again!
then we headed to popeyes*
yummy chicken definetely & my favorite spicy chicken!
woo hoo~
yes! it was crowded&we have no seats.
therefore, here we go!
8 ppl sitting on the floor at the corner of the restaurant.
hahhas. we all laugh out loud too =P

around 5pm. we leave.
sigh = =
where is my beach? cuz it kept raining!
okey dokey, next time then!
we played bunch of games on the train.

i am sleepy.

7pm. @flushing.
spot the green ball that i em holding?
supposedly, bought it so we can play on the beach.
ends up...u know what happen. LOL

then, went to queens crossing mall for dinner&dessert.

stayed there for another 2 hours.
i wanna eat crepe toooooo!
& frozen yogurt!
fine, next time!

if it wasn't rain...
i want my beach!!

cant wait..for next week event high line*